The Words of Christ

The very words of Jesus. F u l l of wisdom. F u l l of truth. F u l l of grace. His words fill our souls and calms our restless hearts and convicts us. His words are alive, they are powerful, and they are eternal. How blessed we are to have a God... Continue Reading →

Glorify God!

đŸ™ŒđŸ» Let's glorify Him. As believers, everything we do should be with the mind and heart to glorify God. Eating, drinking, sleeping, serving, loving, talking, working, playing--we should always keep this in the forefront of our mind: that as His redeemed people, glorifying God is our purpose on earth. And an astounding privilege. The smallest... Continue Reading →

Deeper in God 

This is my heart's cry: Father, Abba, my Saviour, the One Whom my soul loves! Take me  d e e p e r.  I desire to go deeper into the depths of your love. I want to drown in your living waters, your rivers of delight. You are such a precious God and I want... Continue Reading →

Victory in Jesus 

What a magnificent God we serve. He made the beauty of snow-laden forests yet He is so concerned and compassionate about our lives. He is dedicated to our victory over the darkness of this world. Nothing goes unnoticed by Him. He sees it all - the hurting, the pain, the weariness, the frustration, the brokenness... Continue Reading →

Worship God and Only God

Worshiping and loving Jesus edifies our soul and fills our hearts. Many who are disconnected from their Creator do not realize this, but loving God h e a l s us. Because we were made for Him and we were made by Him. We need Him. Refusing to worship Him and love Him actually damages us.... Continue Reading →

God Wants Us

He has everything, He made everything, He owns everything. Yet... He still. wants. us. He doesn't need us, but He wants us. If you have a relationship with God, thank Him for His loving desire to be in an intimate relationship with you. Thank Him that He loves and wants you so much that He... Continue Reading →

The Power Belongs to God

The power will always belong to God.đŸ’« A l w a y s. If your life seems out of control, remember that all power in heaven and earth and under earth belongs to Him. Be comforted knowing that our God is fully capable of caring for His own people. If He's willing to die for... Continue Reading →

The Glory of God

✹Worship our Maker this morning and reflect on His glory! He is a glorious King and so deserving of our praise. Don't let this day pass before you magnify His greatness in your hearts. He knows when you notice Him. When you pause to soak in the beauty of His glory and majesty. When you... Continue Reading →

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