His Gifts

He gives us e v e r y t h i n g. He does it a l l. We become His inheritance, He becomes our treasure. We are saved by Him, He is adored by us. We are made new, He is glorified. We are filled by Him, He is loved by us. He... Continue Reading →

Jesus Rescued Me

Do you ever think of God as a r e s c u e r? We are saturated with love stories of the Knight in Shining Armour rescuing his bride from torture and death, then the two run off to live happily ever after in a paradise world. But where did this idea come from?... Continue Reading →


{Psalms‬ ‭104:1‬} Bless the LORD, O my soul! O LORD my God, You are very great; You are clothed with splendor and majesty. I just can't get over the exquisite beauty of snowflakes! The intelligent design in this one single tiny snowflake is undeniable. It bursts of displaying a Creator who delights in His creation.... Continue Reading →

God is L O V E

And apart from Him there is no love at all - only a phony substituted version of love that will never satisfy our hearts and always leave us restless. But in God's love, we find t r u e rest for our hearts. How can there be real love outside the God who created everything... Continue Reading →

Jesus is my King

No matter what goes on in my life, Jesus Christ is my King. No matter what storm, what trial, what tribulation, distress, pressure, heartbreak, or failure I face, He's my King. No matter what fears I have inside of me, He's my King. Whether I'm victorious in life or I can't walk any longer, Jesus... Continue Reading →

His Love!

His love, oh His love. I could sing about His love all day and all night. His love makes me exhale into a warm puddle and it makes my heart want to burst all at the same time. His love is so perfect that it has the power to calm our fears, give us perfect... Continue Reading →

I Become less, He Becomes More

When we are in Jesus, His strength is perfected in our weakness. We become less. He becomes more. I remember weeks following the special moment that I gave my life to Jesus Christ, there was this strange new feeling within me. I was dying to self. I was becoming less, and He was becoming more.... Continue Reading →

Jesus is Salvation

Worship the Lord of glory! Praise His beautiful, Holy name. Jesus is our God. The One God. The only God. There will be NO other, never has been another, and never will be another God. He's my Creator, and He's your Creator. He gave us breath, and the most significant thing we can do is... Continue Reading →

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