You are my King.

My Jesus, you are my everything. You're the One giving me the breath in my lungs this very moment and all I desire is to give that breath back to You in true, pure, deep adoration. Oh, how I love You. I can't imagine life without You, now that I have You. I could never... Continue Reading →

What I Want.

I honestly, truly, wholly don't want anything outside of Your will. I'm in love with You and desire what you desire. Things I think I want, if it's not what You want, then burn it off of me. Thank you Your grace and tender mercies that You care so deeply about my life. Thank you for... Continue Reading →

You are Perfect.

You are everything I could ever need, ever want, ever desire. Your perfection makes my imperfections whole. Your wholeness makes my brokenness perfectly healed. Your love and grace is everything to me and You are all I need. You're my perfect everything and I love you so much. Thank You for loving me, thank You... Continue Reading →

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