What is your favourite thing about King J E S U S??✨

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Him & Us

His timing.
His plan.
His will.

His power.
His grace.
His strength.

His desire.
His glory.
His praise.

Our love.
Our worship.
Our surrender.

Our trust.
Our reliance.
Our faith.

Our submission.
Our perseverance.
Our obedience.

The Highest Price

The most worthy God paid the highest price for our sin-stained soul.

I walk in complete wide-eyed wonder of this God who loves this much. Of this God who is intimately acquainted with me and is so involved in every little thing I do and think and feel. Who cares for me tenderly and protects me passionately. This God who I can’t even begin to comprehend His majesty, that He loves so much that He would experience the most painful execution in human history to save us, have us, keep us, make us His.

I’m in utter awe that I get to know Him. Not just know Him, but k n o w Him. That He loves us humans with a great love. The greatest love. It’s beyond our mind’s ability to fully grasp. It’s just too great.

He’s so majestic, He’s so wonderful.

All I can do is humbly bow low in complete submission, and love Him until I die.

It’s what I want. He’s what I desire.

I can’t believe He’s mine.

There’s not a thing in this world I would choose over Him. I’m His possession.

Surrender to Jesus, and experience the most incredible love, fulfillment, joy, purpose, pleasure, and satisfaction that you can’t even begin to imagine. He is  e v e r y t h i n g.

A Woman Who Fears the Lord

Be a woman (or man) who is:
hopelessly sold out,
with a fiery passion,
committed to even unto death,
in awe of,
is obedient to,
fiercely devoted to,
and madly in love with Jesus Christ.

Be gold in a dark world.✨

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