One Chance

Never forget you were created by an all-powerful, Almighty God who loves you more than you could ever comprehend. He was watching you while you were in your mother's womb. You're special and you're here for a reason. Not by accident - because God Himself wanted you. You have ONE chance. You have one chance... Continue Reading →

Jesus is Salvation

Worship the Lord of glory! Praise His beautiful, Holy name. Jesus is our God. The One God. The only God. There will be NO other, never has been another, and never will be another God. He's my Creator, and He's your Creator. He gave us breath, and the most significant thing we can do is... Continue Reading →

Just a Tiny Snowflake…

Oh! The beauties of God's creation testifies of His love and supreme creativity. How He can create something that is so tiny, to where human beings can't even see with our naked eye, yet so complex, intricate, unmistakably designed…. It makes my heart beat faster for Him. The true devastation is that we humans take... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Love

Ever ponder the thought that the only reason we creatures can love is because He who created us, He who dwells in Heaven, I S love? Have you ever wondered how - if there is no Creator, no CREATion, no love behind all that exists - how we even have the ability to love, ourselves?... Continue Reading →

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