Brothers and sisters in Christ, If you're Holy Spirit-filled, it means you have been bought at a very high price. The price of the blood of God Himself, to pay for all of your wickedness and darkness. He took your sins upon Himself and suffered, and in exchange He gave us His righteousness and freed... Continue Reading →

He Loves Me

Swoon. Have you ever meditated on the luxurious thought that the Creator of all that exists: He who made sunsets and sunrises, rainbows, storms, butterflies, flowers, fruit, colour, scents, animals, bees, rain, humans, earth, fire, lightening, oceans, starfish, hearts, lungs, eyes, feeling, emotion, breath...the Creator of all of this extravagant, incomprehensible, complex, lavish and heart-quickening... Continue Reading →

Smoothie Bowl & Glory

The beauty in food astounds me. It sings of the God who makes it. It absolutely fills my heart in awe as excitement ripples through my being when I gaze my eyes upon the glory of God. It spins my mind like a merry-go-round. My eyes grow large in pure wonder as they behold the extravagance and... Continue Reading →

Psalms & Banana Bread

Warm, soft, fragrant banana bread. Mmmmm. During the winter months, curling up under my blankets and reading the Psalms became my pastime. As the snow fell and the ice continued to crystalize outside in the cold, I would cover myself in warm, fur-like blankets, and fall into the pages as my heart warmed to the beauty of God's... Continue Reading →

Clinging to God

I would like to take a special moment to more thoroughly elaborate on something I mentioned in my last post. Clinging. Clinging to God.  I have been deeply meditating on this truth lately, and the beauty that lies behind it. I had previously mentioned that God wants us to cling to Him, in this close, ongoing, intimate,... Continue Reading →

Clinging to God all the days of my Life

I reigned in my 31st birthday (hands covering my eyes) :') with none other than homemade mac and cheese. Because, you know, it's adult and I'm hip like that. But really, this is not like your old-fashioned kids macaroni and cheese. This is the most adult mac and cheese I've ever seen in my life. Not even over-exagerating. In fact,... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Decadence

A spark of passion has been igniting within me to bake beautiful desserts. The idea of turning a beautifully presented, hand-crafted, made-with-love dessert and put together with essentially a few random ingredients (eggs, flour, butter, sugar, etc) is just amazing. How wonderful! I love seeing the finished product, and love even more giving these baked goods as gifts... Continue Reading →

A Good Boost of Energy

Protein bars. Energy bars. Granola bars. When we think of these things, we usually think of those packaged 'healthy' snacks that take up half an isle. When we need a boost of energy or feel those 3pm hunger pangs kick in, or when we had just worked out and need to refuel, much of western culture... Continue Reading →

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