Love One Another

We're made in the beautiful and glorious image of God. We're human beings with thoughts, feelings, consciences, personalities, hurts, experiences, emotions, needs, and desires. We all have a past, we all have a story to share, and we all want to love and to be loved. As Christians, we are the light of this dark... Continue Reading →

He Calls Us Beautiful

It's interesting that even as believers, we try to present ourselves a certain way to the world. We try to look as good as we can, putting makeup on, decorating ourselves with jewelry, getting our hair coloured, and the list goes on. What's interesting is that we do this for people, yet the Creator of... Continue Reading →

God’s Love Will Never Be Quenched

There's no way His love will ever be quenched. His love is passionate and strong. Faithful and true. Eternal and secure. Beautiful and holy. Jealous and endless. Full and satisfying.  His love is water for our thirsty souls and bread for our hungry hearts. His love is fire and warmth that melts our hardness within.... Continue Reading →

We’re Meant For More

I was out camping in June and I was just so blown away by the beauty found in nature - God's creation. I was able to hike up waterfall filled mountains. I was able to view the panoramic scene from the top. I was able to go into deep dark caves - so deep I... Continue Reading →

The One Whom My Soul Loves

Your love! Your love! Oh, Your love. Your love drives me crazy, but in the good kind of way. Have you ever loved God so deeply that you feel fire in your lungs and every breath you take burns for Him?  Like your heart is hot and full and you will burst any minute because... Continue Reading →

The Words of Christ

The very words of Jesus. F u l l of wisdom. F u l l of truth. F u l l of grace. His words fill our souls and calms our restless hearts and convicts us. His words are alive, they are powerful, and they are eternal. How blessed we are to have a God... Continue Reading →

Glorify God!

šŸ™ŒšŸ» Let's glorify Him. As believers, everything we do should be with the mind and heart to glorify God. Eating, drinking, sleeping, serving, loving, talking, working, playing--we should always keep this in the forefront of our mind: that as His redeemed people, glorifying God is our purpose on earth. And an astounding privilege. The smallest... Continue Reading →

Deeper in GodĀ 

This is my heart's cry: Father, Abba, my Saviour, the One Whom my soul loves! Take me  d e e p e r.  I desire to go deeper into the depths of your love. I want to drown in your living waters, your rivers of delight. You are such a precious God and I want... Continue Reading →

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